Detailed Entry Information

English:   a Delaware Indian; a Lenape
Lenape:   Lënape   [na] 

Sample Sentences

English:   I am a little bit Delaware.
Lenape:   Kèxiti Lënape ni.
English:   I am half Delaware.
Lenape:   Pahsi Lënape ni.
English:   I am a Delaware.
Lenape:   Lënape ta ni.
English:   He is a Lenape.
Lenape:   Lënape nàn.

Plural Entry Information

English:   Delaware Indians
Lenape:   Lënapeyok

Historical Example

Renáppi [1648] 'man'
Lennappe [1760] 'an Indian'
Lenáúpaa [1824] 'Indian'


Form: lënape
Structure: lënapew
Meaning: Delaware


/w/ is elided in final position. The word is actually a compound: /lën-/ "common" + /-ape/ "person."

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