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English:     town
Lenape:     utènay


English:     a Cherokee (name is possibly from the main town of the Cherokees called Kituhaw)
Lenape:     katuhò
English:     a little town
Lenape:     utènetët
English:     a town-crier; a ceremonial attendant (one who works at Doll Dances; Stomp Dances; etc.; by taking care of the grounds and fire)
Lenape:     pùchël
English:     he came from town
Lenape:     utènink um
English:     his town
Lenape:     utènayëm
English:     little towns
Lenape:     utènayëtëta
English:     middle of town
Lenape:     laoutènay
English:     my town
Lenape:     nutènayëm
English:     Nowata (town in Oklahoma)
Lenape:     Nuwatu (or) Nuwi ta
English:     Place where we stayed a long time [Appoquinimink, DE - near present Middletown DE]
Lenape:     ahpukwënëmink
English:     Punxsutawney, PA (lit:- mosquito town)
Lenape:     Punkwsutènay
English:     Timbered Hills (Lenape name for an area NE of Wann OK; town of Noxie is in this area.)
Lenape:     Tukòhtink
English:     to town
Lenape:     utènink
English:     town
Lenape:     utènay
English:     town person; city dweller
Lenape:     utènaii awèn
English:     towns
Lenape:     utènaya

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